What U Mean Cover (Gotta Family to Feed)

by MakeaMarkMedia

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This cover track by #NEWFACEOFHIPHOP KINGWEEZY says it all.. The struggle, the determination, and the talent all combined in one AMAZING Cover .... We are all anxiously awaiting the release date of #6ORIGINALS "Execration Evaporation" which has the smash hit Single "Lavender Precipitation" #THEPRINCETRIBUTE


Ain't got No brawds in Atlanta, You the pog, I'm the slammer,
Shout out Nard he made Blammer, Niccas asking me if I'm the best I don't know am I?!?
My Flow got boats loads of flavor, and damn Handy.. Lyrics stickin' Now or Later No Candy Plo Koon, LightSaber so demanding
Kingweezy Legend killer Orton, Raandy!!
Talk in code, Dole The Rope, Bicycle Parts, Pancakes & syrup wit waffles, what's Flappin' Jack?, Snitchins Wack
Bring realness back, Keep lips sealed with vermilion Wax Nicca!
Tell her I need to hear that Pussy Like its Mega phoned,
Beat it up, Leave her wonderin' That a Vagabond!!
Niccas throwin' shade but wont throw a Punch..
Whats a Key to a code of a Rocket launch?!?
Master chef over ordered beef nicca, chop em up make soup outta nicca, Flow polished Right Diamond Absolute Nicca
Kingweezy verse cost an Audemar Nicca!!
Might throw this up on Tidal, This shit makin waves...
2016. Twelve yrs, A Slave, Switchin' up the style, showin' off the range
Learn a lesson from ya chains...Fakes Gone Change!!

Gotta Family to Feed, Gotta family yo feed the song Cheap, but verses higher than a nose bleed..
you was trynna live then you got screen shot, Social Media well and Live but Terrence Crutcher not...

First they hate, then they Bite, not true blood. real life.
When ya money talk ya sayin' somethin' sometimes even sayin' nothin' is sayin somethin' So ya gotta back shit up or else ya frontin'
Done with Livin' life on the Edge Fuck it I'm jumpin'!!
Mike even warned ya, they always startin' somethin
Now we at war with the worlds and Tom aint comin' Nicca!!


released October 3, 2016



all rights reserved


KINGWEEZY Dallas, Texas

Born: 31,December
Birthplace: Dallas,Tx
Best Known For: Unique transitions from topic to topic/ Entertaining
Government Name: "Too Smart to answer that one"
For Booking info Call 972-388-6201/ Kingweezy13@gmail.com
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