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Kingweezy jumps into the rap game full fledge when he realized that all the music that mainstream radio was playing was "Garbage", as he blatantly put it in our one on one interview...
stating, "I just don't get what they are trying to promote nowadays because it sure isn't hope, prosperity, or knowledge at all." I can vividly remember one Saturday sitting at home listening to the radio and actually taking a tally on how many times 1 song was played within a 2 hour time span, and the song wasn't even good!! Growing up with a wide range of music and having a tough child hood seems to go hand and hand, so much so that you can actually sit and pin point the exact songs that helped you through tough times, made you sad during the happy times, and actually educated you when there seemed to be no one else around to do so...Artist such as Tupac ,Elton John, Del La Soul, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Anita Baker, Boyz 2 Men, Kenny G, and even newer artist such as Emenim ,Ludacris, Sherly Crow, Alicia Keys,...I mean there are still some great teachers and educators, it's just unfortunate that they're an endangered species...And this is where I come in to provide a growth gene or stem cell (if you will) to a dying DNA strand that must live on to give the up and coming generations something healthy, strong, vibrant, entertaining, but most importantly hope.

One of my favorite quotes is by Emily Dickenson where she says, Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all. I feel that she was describing a void that must be fulfilled through todays music, and why shouldn't I provide that need If I posses the capability?

Be Sure and look out for Kingweezy's 4 Part Music Series entitiled: "Slept On"!!!!

1."Slept On" ((complimentary here on Soundcloud))
2."Slumber Summer"
3."Eyes Wide Shut"
4. Good Morning Music"

This is copy written.


released April 18, 2014



all rights reserved


KINGWEEZY Dallas, Texas

Born: 31,December
Birthplace: Dallas,Tx
Best Known For: Unique transitions from topic to topic/ Entertaining
Government Name: "Too Smart to answer that one"
For Booking info Call 972-388-6201/
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Track Name: To The Top
To The Top cant be faded. Know they hate it but they never know who's around watch yo surroundings. Them haters be ones with the smug facades... look always mean mugging always shoulder shuggrin, always with that roastin' boastin',braggin', aint never had nuttin'...Them the try to stop ya..Them the the ones get dropped quick, DROP KICK!!..hit em with a body blow another before hit the floor, but I aint really the one for all that violent sh#t!..No justice, No Peace Peace, No Justice No peace Kingweezy Keep a piece N#gga,..That's how I stay Peaceful N#gga!!!!
Track Name: Rubberbandz ft BamBamDoubleB and Yung Twan (former Trap Stars Click Member)
Now like Martin Go Run N Tell DAT...(PWEEEEM!!!)

I Wrote this verse in Red ink Its definite I gotta kill it.
A Blind Big Booty Black Bitch said she feel it
Now did she feel it cuz she had too? Iaaahhhhhh Maybe I should ask you.
Lets all play the Alibi game I say she's Screwin Everbody..but no one seems to know, exactly whos screwin her..
Until A Rubberband gets popped then all the symptoms of a snitch 10 outta 10 times remain the same..
first she looked down at the ground,,then around for a witness.
.then the next thing you know she started Twerkin on me
Hold On shawty I want the girl with them Chanel Flats....Slim White Cigarette Pants on with that ass super phat!!
I'm real mysterious but ladies soon find out that im a gentleman ...for as long as they allow me to be,
Let A King wine and dine you..take you to my own small private dining room
i'm a 5 star chef ..& Imma let you taste all of my benefits
Would life be much more easy if we could strip all the emotions away?
NO Energy waisted on Over reaction and no REGRETS????

Who am I kiddin' Tony the Tiger never changes his stripes..
Now check this...
Track Name: SLUMBER SUMMER (Time Piece Anthem)
Just an extension of my success when that arm is iced out, my life is the product of all choices made lifestyle, comes fully loaded with heated seats... but not cuz of no mechanism, it stems from that 9 MILI kept under seat,
I see mo paper through a Slumber Summer. .then most retail stores revenue all through all through the Chritmas winters. and now you see why my wrist iced.. they stay producing blizzards. I aint talkin' bout no Icy, I aint talkin bout Chiller..
I'm makin' skrilla for reala.. while most n#gga still slobbin' on the pillow I'm bookin' shows over seas,,, makin a Killa And if I ever get that local plug from DJ Thrilla..,ya Boy gone pull a Jackson, suspenseful, a THRILLER!
When all is said and done, more is said than done.
Probably why they don't talk much where I'm from, we just focus on puttin' in work till that Job's done,
and only consider punchin' out when that Sun comes
Now where my Rolly at?
Track Name: DONT BE SHY #Archyaback
Nah. Awwwwww .......Don't be shy mama, not when the deciding factor of you getting this D is confidence mama..i see ya got ya hair did,(check)...and ya nails done ...(check)...and you the one got these on looker just breakin they Neck!!
I see ya checkin me my barcode Picked it up
and im kinda glad you was cuz no lie mama you bad as F#ck
so when I mention cutting a rug I aint talkin bout dancing..I'm talking bout knockin out the gone need maaco in this thang!!

You and ya girls dancing close yea yall makin MAGIC!! But im the fast break no look pass mama ya gotta caTCH IT!!
Whew!!! I aint never seen a pass like dat...Put it on her pockets and made her Park it..Yeah I'm Duncan like dat!!
Imma G.O. G.E. double T and a A. don't play when it comes to get paid O.K.!!
Yeah I kind of got of the Topic, but back to subject Folk just grab the baddest b#tches hand in the club....and hit the f#ckin Dance FLO!!